Artful Dreamers Studio | Tacoma, WA
Artful Dreamers Studio | Tacoma, WA
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Awaken Your Creativity.

Empower Your Life.

Come Play.

Explore Your Creative Inner Magic!

ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is an environment created to support you in your creative process using movement, meditation and self-expression.

Enjoy an airy, light filled space with an abundance of art supplies for you to work and play with. It is a place for you to uncover the hidden parts of yourself and to feel comfortable exploring and expressing your creativity in a safe and nourishing environment.

Laughter happens here.

Artistic expression can be a powerful way of personal transformation and spiritual emotional healing. When emotions are released and pains are expressed, we uncover the parts of ourselves we left behind.

ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is a place where you will be empowered to express your creativity and let go of fears about making art or making a mess or playing and having fun being artistic.


Anyone looking for a way to go deeper and find inner resources and untapped creativity will find a variety of classes that can support that desire.

You must be 14 years or older to participate in classes.

"Magic and Miracles. Most People who have Never Painted

before leave with a Feeling like their Inner Artist has Finally Been Set Free." 


About Nadine Hamil, 

Founder and Creator

I am a certified Master Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator and Creative Spirit Coach. Artful Dreamers Studio was created to facilitate painting from the heart in a safe guided space for students.


In addition, I facilitate art retreats empowering women to embrace and trust their inner guides to unveil voices and feelings yearning to be heard. Every time I paint, my heart bursts with joy, love and peace. I believe creativity is healing.


I like to think of myself as kindred soul, full of sparkle and glitter, a pillar of light and laughter, a nurturer, goddess and sister of Earth; and… a fairy godmother!


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2926 South Steele Street

Tacoma, WA 98409

P: 253-209-4706

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