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Artful Dreamers Studio | Tacoma, WA

Awaken Your Creativity.

Empower Your Life. Come Play.


Takes us away from the every day

Allows us to be transported somewhere else

A moment of peace in the noise of the world around us

A time to reconnect with who we are, as we are in the midst of being so much to so many people


"Magic and Miracles. Most People who have Never Painted
before leave with a Feeling like their Inner Artist has Finally Been Set Free." 

About Nadine Hamil

About Nadine Hamil, 

Founder and Creator

Nadine is a certified Master Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator and Art Guide.


She takes you along an intended path yet doesn't tell you exactly what to do.


Nadine guides you with suggestions and encouragement.


She helps you watch out for barriers, and keeps you moving toward the goal, engaging with your soul.


"Every time I paint, I know my heart bursts with joy, love and peace. I believe creativity is healing."


Artful Dreamers Studio was created to facilitate painting from the heart in a safe guided space for students 11 years old and up.

We do not offer classes, we offer ”art journeys”. You are transported to a place and time where your mind and soul are allowed to run free. The materials at your hands are your tools and you are guided through the journey.

We invite you to review our offerings and discover the journey calling to your soul.

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